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The Not Old Better Show podcast - Talk About Better®

The Not Old Better Show focuses on better...better aging, better conversation, better guests, better friends, better relationships, joy and passionate living.  The Not Old Better Show delivers better stories and more timely information and innovation than any other 55+ age community program.  Our slogan is more than just a slogan:  "Talk About Better."

May 25, 2016

SMARTER FASTER BETTER: The new book by NYT investigative journalist, Charles Duhigg

My guest today is Charles Duhigg, and in this segment of The Not Old Better Show we’ll talk the Pulitzer Prize Winning author, New York Times investigative reporter, about his new book, “Smarter Faster Better.” In the book, Charles...

May 19, 2016

Paul Steinberg, MD., Cancer Survivor, Author of "A Salamander's Tale." Interview

My guest today is Dr Paul Steinberg.  Dr Steinberg has written an important book, “A Salamander’s Tale,” which is an unexpected, refreshing, often very funny memoir about his long journey with cancer and how he not only solved the...

May 17, 2016

Grammy Award winner, Suzy Bogguss has been recording music for over 25 years, and fans of The Not Old Better Show will appreciate Suzy’s musical roots, her great outlook on life, and her beautiful voice. 

From her earliest years growing up in Aledo, Illinois, Suzy Bogguss loved music. She joined the church choir at...

May 12, 2016

Interview with Renowned Singer/Songwriter/Artist, Judy Collins

Welcome to the Not Old Better Show.  Today, I talk to the incomparable, Judy Collins.  Judy Collins is appearing live at the Tally Ho Theater, in Leesburg Virginia, Friday night May 13.  Other upcoming tour dates are available on her web site,

May 9, 2016

Interview with New Yorker Magazine cartoonist, Roz Chast author of "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?"

My guest today is New Yorker Magazine cartoonist, Roz Chast.  I’ve seen her speak here in Washington DC, and on May 13, Chast will appear in Reston, Virginia to discuss her graphic memoir, “Can’t We...