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The Not Old Better Show podcast - Talk About Better®

The Not Old Better Show focuses on better...better aging, better conversation, better guests, better friends, better relationships, joy and passionate living.  The Not Old Better Show delivers better stories and more timely information and innovation than any other 55+ age community program.  Our slogan is more than just a slogan:  "Talk About Better."

Apr 30, 2017

Pianist Robert Wyatt on Jerome Kern, the Godfather of American Musical Theater

Art of Living series, Smithsonian Associates

Our guest today, Robert Wyatt, an American music specialist, researcher and pianist, and presenter of the Smithsonian Associates event, Jerome Kern the godfather of American Musical Theater,...

Apr 29, 2017

The Manhattan Project: Visions of a Nuclear Future, Dr. Marty Sherwin

Art of Living series, Smithsonian Associates

In 1939, the world's scientific community began a desperate race against an imagined German project to unlock the process of splitting a uranium atom. Under a cloak of secrecy, the Manhattan Project—code...

Apr 29, 2017

Scott Turow Interview: Artists' Rights

New Artist's Income, Voices In Jeopardy

Scott Turow is an active, well known artist's rights advocate, and someone who does much to balance the goals of a free society and balance the needs of content creators, and preserving artists' rights against the technology companies...

Apr 26, 2017

Scott Turow Interview: "Testimony"

Art of Living series, Smithsonian Associates

As part of our Smithsonian Associates partnership program, our guest today, Scott Turow, will be presenting his wide ranging subjects and expertise, including his new book, “Testimony,” May 18 Washington DC, at the Ridley Center.  


Apr 22, 2017

TeloYears is a simple, accurate DNA test that lets you track your cellular age based on your telomere length.  Will it work?  Join me as I go through the test, and then share the results with you.

One of the greatest medical mysteries, IMO, is how and why we age?  And, today, almost as important, what can we do...