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Mar 11, 2017

Almond Blossoms of Central California

The Not Old Better Show Travel Series

I'm here in Northern California, specifically Modesto, where I grew up, visiting my parents, who are both pretty ill.  But, I couldn't leave Modesto without giving you a glimpse into what is probably one the most beautiful sights in all of agriculture: almond blossoms.

After the first rains of the winter season, the California foothills start to turn green.  By late March, wildflower displays are common, usually lasting into May.  In the high elevation subalpine and alpine zones of the Sierra, the wildflower displays arrive in June and last through July or August.

Fall brings vibrant leaf displays especially in the aspen groves.This transformation starts in late September and lasts through much of October.  All of these are sights well worth seeing at some point in your life and returning to again and again if possible.

But, for me, ranking right up there with the cherry blossoms in DC, closer to my parents home in Modesto, California , the orchards of the Central Valley put on their own extraordinary blossom show from the end of February through the beginning of March.

The best website available for blossom information, biking, bus and driving tours (you can ride your bike along these routes) is offered by the UC Cooperative Extension at:

These tours are a great way to enjoy the beauty of our local outdoors in the early spring.  Click HERE for more information.