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Nov 2, 2016

House of Cards Walking Tour of DC, Interview with Kathleen Bashian

Frank Underwood's Washington...

As part of our Smithsonian Associates, Art of Living series, our guest today on The Not Old Better Show is House of Cards Walking Tour expert, guide, and professor, Dr Kathleen Bashian.

You’ve seen that flashing opening sequence of House of Cards season after season, and we all know that theme music (here, generously supplied by musician Jesse Ahmann, an excellent cellist, and online at

 But, for those of us who binge on the Netflix program, and obsess over each episode and detail, we can walk the House of Cards Washington locations, on an excellent walking tour, lead by DC based guide, and House of Cards expert, Kathleen Bashian. 

I had the pleasure of joining local historian Dr. Kathleen Bashian (web site HERE) for a 2 mile walking tour that covers a wide variety of Washington locations against which the Underwoods’ scheming, affairs of state, and affairs of a different kind play out. Along the way, she offers insights into the history and background of the locations in House of Cards to better appreciate some of the show’s memorable moments, and how their astute selection enhances the impact of its storylines and characters.

Next tour is Nov 5.  Meet at the fountain on the West Front of Capitol (the location where presidential inaugurations take place); the tour concludes at Hill Country Barbeque Market.

The tour includes lunch.